If you are looking for elegance at a wedding - understated and subtle - you can’t do better than Olde Bangalore. The old-world charm of the setting fully complements the age-old custom of marriage. So, if you’ve made up your mind to actually tie the knot, leave the rest to us - ambience, cuisine, hospitality, accommodation, …. you just get on with celebrating the forever-day!


Catching up with classmates 25 years past school, celebrating 50 years of taking the vows or commemorating 75 years of high-intensity living - it’s all a breeze with the special care that staff at Olde Bangalore are renowned for. And if you want to send pictures, this is the best setting for some of the loveliest memories you will ever have.




Yes, there are days like that in our lives - all too few, though - and choosing the best venue for it is a task. There are hardly any companies in Bangalore that haven’t experienced the absolute magic of letting their hair down in a setting as serene, gentle and caring as Olde Bangalore. So much so that it is usually the first choice when choosing content over form, value over price. And if it’s taking the extended family out for an outing, our Day-out packages are a steal!